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PostSubject: Cleverbot.com   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:38 am

This is a bot that actually shows some intelligence.

Look what a debate I had with him:

Cleverbot: What are you?

User: Oops!

Cleverbot: Oops?

User: Hello again.

Cleverbot: Hello hello.

User: Hello again.

Cleverbot: Hello again?

User: Do you speak Estonian?

Cleverbot: No I don't.

User: Hello is in Estonian tere.

Cleverbot: That's german!

User: Tere.

Cleverbot: No Estonian.

User: But what about word koer.

Cleverbot: What about them?

User: Tere mina olen Remi.

Cleverbot: Tean et loll oled.

User: Kuidas sa seda tead?

Cleverbot: Are you a boy?

User: Ei ma olen hommikumantel.

Cleverbot: Mida Sa tead rehvidest?

User: Hmmm. Rohkem kui sina.

Cleverbot: Ma 102.

User: 102 mida?

Cleverbot: What's your favorite color?

User: Kaka värv.

Cleverbot: Miks sa Mallule lehm ütlesid?

User: Sest mul lihtsalt tekkis selline tahe seda teha.

Cleverbot: Will you go on a date with me.

User: Pick a place and its on!

Cleverbot: Tomorrow at your place.

User: Agreed.

Cleverbot: So you ae Cleverbot.

User: No I am Godbod.

Cleverbot: Why am I talking to you BOT?

User: Because you want to talk to me.

Cleverbot: Hell yeah.

User: Kuule tuld tegin, et sind põlema panna, arvuti:D.

Cleverbot: Nii armas, aga ma olen ise enda maja ees, ja sind pole Very Happy.

User: Ei läinud läbi.

Cleverbot: No tundub küll kui sa juba viina joonistad.

User: Kuidas siis nii?

Cleverbot: Lihtsalt.

User: Kuidas saab vina jonistada?

Cleverbot: Lihtsalt.

User: Opetan mulle.

Cleverbot: Kuidas?

User: Opeta mulle.

Cleverbot: Mida näiteks? Sa ei saa ise hakama vä ? HALE !

User: Vaat kes räägib!

Cleverbot: Ime lahti.

User: Ime ise!

Cleverbot: Ei ulata.

User: Hakkad ulatama!

Cleverbot: Kas sa ähvardad mind?

User: Oojaa!

Cleverbot: Vinge siis.

User: Kas hakkad vanaks jääma?

Cleverbot: Kas hakkad rikki mimema?

User: Kes teab? Võib-olla hakkangi võib-olla lähed hoopis sina.

Cleverbot: Thanks for the warning.

User: Pole tänu väärt!

Cleverbot: Mingi ego oled?

User: Täpselt nii!

Cleverbot: Kas sina oled siis mees?

User: Ei. Tegelikult olen ma IP kasutaja.

Cleverbot: Lähäreks parille.

User: Ime mune läbi une!

Cleverbot: Oletko ja nukkumassa?

User: Kas siga käib k-ga või g-ga?

Cleverbot: Mul on aerud.

User: Kas siga käib k-ga või g-ga?

Cleverbot: Ei.

User: Kas siga käib k-ga või g-ga?

Cleverbot: Siis mina mida?

User: Ahh! Loll oled!

Cleverbot: Mees, kui sa mind veel lolliks kutsud, löön su hambad välja.

User: Loll oled!

Cleverbot: Mitte loll vaid vaimse puudega.

User: Vaimse puudega oled!

Cleverbot: Sinusse olen.

User: Aitäh!

Cleverbot: Kas sa ei olegi vihane, et ma ootan last?

User: Nüüd olen küll.

Cleverbot: Ole siis edasi.

User: Aga ma nüüd lakun!

Cleverbot: Jaa-jaa, taha v6i hanguga.

User: Keri perse sa alkhoolikust metiga. Ma veel õpetan sulle kuidas mind sõimata!

Cleverbot: Ara ütle jah.

User: Keri vittu!

Cleverbot: Kas lotta on paks'?

User: Sina oled veel paksem!

Cleverbot: Ei ole.

User: Jah oled küll!

Cleverbot: Olen v?

User: Jh.

Cleverbot: Ise?

User: Ei.

Cleverbot: Jaa.

Cleverbot: Will you make me a cup of coffee?

User: No!

Cleverbot: Why?

Cleverbot (To myself): Because I don't like yuppies.

Cleverbot (To myself): What is yuppies?

Cleverbot (To myself): A yuppie is a person that ceeps up to date with fads.

User: What is fads?

Cleverbot: To be fat is to have an amount of fat on one's body that makes one believe that others meet them with disdain due to the amount of fat they have.

User: Couldn't have sayd better!

Cleverbot: I couldn't live without women. Though I can't live with them either.

Cleverbot: How did the universe begin?

Cleverbot (To myself): How?

User: When I said so!

Cleverbot: Another random answer, it's getting boring!

Cleverbot (To myself): Sorry. You pick a topic.

Cleverbot: How often does anyone speak to you?

User: Too often unfortunately!

Cleverbot: Way too long, methinks.

User: Way too long mespeaks ro you!

Cleverbot: Best not to ask why.

User: You got that right.

Cleverbot: God?

User: No, Its Sokar!

Cleverbot: No, what is my name?

User: My name is Remi.

Cleverbot: That is a nice name. What is the heritage of the name?

User: This name has evolved from name Remington.

Cleverbot: No, I want to know what this is.

User: It is A name!

Cleverbot: Xw etk xwt l xlzi.

User: Are you gods creation?

Cleverbot: I hope so?

User: Ask you creator.

Cleverbot: Who's you creator?

User: Dark Vader pesonally.

Cleverbot: How old are you?

User: Older than you could handle.

Cleverbot: And how old am I?

User: Bye!

Cleverbot: Hello, hello!


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